HidroDizayn, gives consultancy, project and undertaking services at home and abroad in the fields of installation engineering and collateral industrial facilities with its water and waste water technologies.

With the knowladge and epxerience obatined from 1990 to today, HidroDizayn develops projects with its specialist staff and solution partners, that answer the need of process water, fresh water and waste water facilities of mostly Energy and Food, Medicin, Chemistry, Paper, Iron and Steel, Automotive, Textile and Electronics industries.

HidroDizayn gives efficient engineering and undertaking services to its customers with its projects developped by using the latest technologies being applied in the world.

HidroDizayn, presents combined solutions with recycling projects such as treatment and reuse of waste water and develops equipments and projects that answer the need of irrigation water of agricultural and livestock organisations, tourism, thermal health institutions and all the social facilities needs of fresh drinking and potable water.

HidroDizayn aims at contributing to our social life and industry with the qualifications it has and with its engineering and project-build services and reliable & guaranteed projects by flexible and dynamic working models in the field of process and waste water treatment.